Review Policy


Please email me at thebookdragoness(at)gmail(dot)com for review requests, guest posts, author/blogger interviews AFTER you have read the guidelines. I can’t promise to accept every request but feel free to try and email me!


-I will accept requests for MG and YA fiction.
-I mainly read fantasy, but I dip into a variety of genres–fantasy, science fiction, romance, historical fiction, mysteries, etc. I will, however, not read horror or erotica.
-I will try to read and review in an appropriate time range, but like others, I have my own life and schoolwork and hobbies to keep me busy and I cannot always promise this.
-I’ve decided after some thought that I will NOT post negative reviews (aka reviews below 3 stars). Soo if you send me a book and I end up not reviewing it, it probably means I didn’t enjoy it very much! (or it could mean I’m simply suuuper slow at getting to it!)
-I post my reviews on Goodreads as well.

RATING TIER (in crowns):


This book was just amazing! It was a fantastic read that was written incredibly well. I probably won’t be able to stop talking about it or recommending it to people.


This book was well-written! I liked it a lot. It may have had some minor flaws in it that didn’t detract too much from my enjoyment.


The book was average. I didn’t dislike it but I won’t be in a rush to recommend it either.


Mm, sorry, but I couldn’t enjoy it. It may have had some redeemable qualities but I suppose this book wasn’t for me.


This is reserved for books that made me angry or very disturbed because of problematic content, or for books that I couldn’t finish.

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